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Founded on March 26th 1982, in Barcelos, and acting, since then, on the national distribution sector of footwear wholesale and retail, Sameiro Group has become an expert in footwear and is distinguished by it's products quality and design. Due to years of existence and experience, it is now one of the largest Portuguese companies in the sector, with increasing expression in the international market.

Sameiro Group, while house of brands that operates in different business areas, is focused on strengthening its competitive position in national and international markets, enhancing its assets base and skills, innovating every day and evaluating potential new opportunities.

The focus of the group lies in the following vertices

Its commitment goes through an ever-expanding network of stores around the country. Currently, stores are situated in the north of the country, but the goal goes through growing their number and expand its geographic influence area.

the footwear retail stores and traders linked to the company and its offer is increasingly significant, being the resale a strong business area of the Group.

especially to England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Angola and Mozambique. The Group's international reach is one of the areas strongly expanding.

Luxury brands selling
in Florida stores, Sameiro Group invests in marketing national and international luxury brands, taking into account the sharing of values linked to the quality, design and sophistication.

Product customization
the footwear development and design for other brands is one of the newer business areas of the Group, with considerable growth.

Mission and values

"It all comes down to our customers"

Sameiro Group's mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, through the products and services it provides every day.

Classic, casual, bold, sporty, high heels, flat and wedge shoes, bags …
We celebrate every style, we follow the latest fashion trends and offer footwear and bags for all times and preferences. In each of our models, we value excellence in manufacturing quality, design and comfort, collection after collection.

Our values

because people, styles and tastes are unique, we bet on the diversity of our offer, following the latest fashion, whether in Portugal, Milan, Paris, London ...

our footwear reflects attitude, quality and design, while remaining comfortable for our customers to feel really good, whatever the occasion. Our bags are the detail that makes all the difference.

we are a Group that combines history and future, working every day to grow and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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