Calçado Sameiro and Samelli have been gaining more and more customers and get farther and farther away. Nowadays, we can see several national personalities regularly using our brands.


Samelli on the tv show The Voice

Catarina Furtado used Samelli again on the live show The Voice, on air in RTP1.
With very bold looks, the TV presenter once again stood out for the good taste that viewers already know.
For Samelli it is always a pride to be the number one choice of someone with such good taste.

Hélder Reis chooses Calçado Sameiro for this winter

He appears on television for 16 years now and is proud of his journey on the screen, where he continues to struggle to give the best of himself to the public.
Hélder Reis, 40 years old, host of the morning show "A Praça", at RTP, is also dedicated to writing, to the songs and family. This is an excerpt from the interview of Hélder Reis to VIP Magazine, with Porto as a backdrop and Calçado Sameiro shoes standing out at the photo shoot.

Hélder Reis chooses Calçado Sameiro for this winter

The host of RTP1, Hélder Reis, has mentioned Calçado Sameiro on his facebook page and have advised everyone to use what is national.

Sónia Araújo, a Samelli fan

The hostess of RTP1, Sónia Araújo, chooses Samelli several times in the presentation of programs, but also in day-to-day. You can see the hostess on RTP1, every day at the "A Praça" program.

New Collection now available in stores Calçado Sameiro

A city collection, very practical and elegant. So we can define the new collection Fall / Winter 2015/16 presented by Calçado Sameiro. The Samelli brand continues to win and surprise the public.

Catarina Furtado chooses Samelli again

After choosing Samelli for presenting various programs, events and even as her brand of choice in everyday life, our brand. Catarina Furtado chose again Samelli to use in the program "The Voice", on air every Sunday nights on RTP1.
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