We pay attention to the new challenges of the market

At the core of Sameiro Group's business, the footwear and handbags retail occupies a key position. Currently, we have a chain of stores which are situated north of the country, intended for exclusive sale of our brands and national and international prestigious brands, including: Sameiro, Samelli and Florida stores. Our products style and our brands personality are reflected in each of our stores, promoting the quality and dedication to total customer satisfaction.


For each of our partners is guaranteed the most appropriate offer

Resale is one of the Sameiro Group's strongest business areas. Across the country, there are more and more retail shops and traders linked to Sameiro. To each of our partners we guaranteed the most suitable offer, having in mind their's goals and necessities. We also work hard to built and maintain a relationship of trust, based on openness and respect.


An international presence growing stronger

The export of Sameiro Group's products and brands is one of the business areas booming. We pay attention to new opportunities in the international market, having already established contact in countries like England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Angola and Mozambique.


We respond to our customers' requirements

Recently, Sameiro Group started to invest in a business related to the activity sector, diversifying our strategy: shoes customization for other brands customers. In this strand, the Group distinguishes itself once again, by the products quality and the attention to every detail, looking to meet their clients' goals.
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